Typical assets Purchase motor vehicles, new plant and equipment (including earthmoving, engineering and printing equipment) without outlaying business capital  
Interest rate Available upon request  
Minimum amount $20,000  
Terms Terms up to 5 years available  
No account-keeping fees
Loan amounts from $20,000
Term is generally up to 5 years, assessed individually depending on the useful life of the asset
Structure your rentals to suit your business cash flow requirements
Provision for a balloon (lump sum) payment at end of term
In most cases, the acquired asset acts as sole security


Interest rates and application fees available upon request. To obtain a quote for a Goods Mortgage, please contact our Business Banking Specialists on 1300 658 108
Document fee   $250
Master agreement document fee $350
ASIC form 309 (Government charge) $135
ASIC form 312 (Government charge) $350

PPSR (Individual)

PPSR (Company) $25

PPSR (Trust)

Drawing fees progressive or under master agreement


(Charged at each drawing)

Mortgage preparation fee


(Charged per mortgage)

Standard inspection fee (used equipment)


(Charged if inspection is required)

Assignment fee


(Charged upon consent to an assignment of your contract, e.g. for land surveying)

Early pay-out fee





Calculated individually

(Charged when additional repayments are made during a fixed rate period)

Non-standard costs

Calculated individually

Interim statement fee

$5 per page

(Charged immediately)
Duplicate statement fee

$5 per page

(Charged immediately)

Audit certificate fee

$60/hr (Min. of $100)

(Charged upon certificate completion)

Inward cheque dishonour fee

$25 per page

(Charged immediately)

Inward direct entry dishonour fee

$25 per page

(Charged immediately)


Things you should know.

If you would like to know today's market rates, call us on 1300 658 108. Fees and charges apply. Terms and conditions available on request. Applications are subject to credit approval. 

These products are provided by Members Equity Bank Pty Limited (ME Bank) or its related entity, Industry Funds Management (Nominees 2) Pty Ltd (IFM2). Please note that IFM2 is not an authorised deposit taking institution and its obligations do not represent deposits or liabilities of ME Bank. ME Bank does not stand behind or guarantee the obligations of IFM2.