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ME has teamed up with Leasexpress to offer a competitive Novated Lease package. This factsheet gives you the facts. In a sheet-type format.

If you’ve read this factsheet end to end and still have a hankering for more information, you can get more of what you’re after in the FAQ or get in touch with Leasexpress on 1300 363 630.

Leaseexpress’s phone lines are open Monday to Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm (AEST).



main features.



  • You don’t need to run your own business to take advantage of this tax benefit – anyone earning a salary qualifies as long as your employer offers salary sacrificing options.


Get the car you want

  • Lease a new or near new vehicle from $15,000 

Save on income tax

  • Lease payments are deduced from your salary before you get it as income – reducing your official income, which also reduces your tax payments.

  • Include car running expenses in your lease for more savings. (You can include costs such as servicing, tyres, petrol, insurance, roadside care and registration costs.)

Save on GST

  • Save on the GST-portion of the car price


  • Get a vehicle expense card to pay all vehicle running costs
  • Leaseexpress can arrange comprehensive insurance for your vehicle, all included in the lease package.


  • Choose from lease options of 1 to 5 years




Use the novated lease calculator to see how much tax you can save with your new car purchase


things you should know.


Fees and charges may apply. Terms and conditions available on request. Applications are subject to credit approval.

The Novated Lease product is financed by Members Equity Bank Limited (ME), fleet managed and distributed through Leasexpress Fleet Management Pty Ltd.