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Get access to money with all those great acronyms you know and love: ATM, EFTPOS and phone and online banking. (Note to self: we really need an acronym for those last two.)


...that earns you interest

This account also earns you 1.00%p.a. interest on every dollar you have deposited over $3,000,* making it a great place to park your spare cash.


low fees

It’s true – in fact, there are no account-keeping fees at all.





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Frequently Asked Questions:


When can I start using my account?


You can get started saving and managing your banking over the phone and online as soon as your account is open.


If you’d like a debit card, let us know and we will post one to you shortly after the account has opened. The debit card and associated PIN will be sent on separate days for security purposes.




How do I deposit into my InterestME Savings Account?


There are a number of ways you can make deposits:


1. Salary Payments

The easiest way is to have your salary or income credited directly to your account. You will need to advise your Payroll department of your new account details.


2. Online Banking

Use ME Bank’s online banking to transfer funds from an existing account.


3. Deposit cash or cheques

You can do this at any Australia Post office displaying the Bank@Post™ symbol. All transactions made at Bank@Post require your card and PIN. Cheques must be made payable to either the cardholder depositing the cheque or to ME Bank. Please write your account number on the back of the cheque so it is banked into the correct account.

If you are a Joint Account holder, please note that cheques made payable to joint names cannot be accepted at Bank@Post. If you receive these types of cheques and would like to deposit the funds, please send to us at:

Transaction Banking
ME Bank
GPO Box 1345
Melbourne VIC 3001

Once you deposit a cheque, funds can be withdrawn as soon as the cheque has been cleared by the financial institution it was drawn from. Generally this takes 3–5 business days.


4. Regular Automatic Payments

Set up a regular automatic electronic deposit from another account into your InterestME Savings Account. Simply download and complete the Direct Debit Form and return it by fax or mail to:

Transaction Banking
ME Bank
GPO Box 1345
Melbourne VIC 3001


5. Other payments

If you receive regular payments such as dividends or rent, you can arrange to have them credited into your InterestME Savings Account.

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things you should know.

Interest rates are current as at 05-Aug-2015 and are subject to change. Fees and charges apply. Terms and conditions available on request. This is general information only and you should consider if this product is appropriate for you. *Every dollar up to $3000 earns 0.05% p.a.