novated lease.


What if we told you that buying a new car would reduce your tax bill?

It’s true. If you’re a salary earner you could get a new car with a novated lease, and pay less tax into the bargain.

Here’s the deal: the car gets paid for by payments deducted from your income before you get it –meaning that your official income is lowered. And lower income means less tax.


better value

Our novated lease program saves you cash – you’ll pay less income tax, get access to discounted ‘fleet buyers’ car purchase prices, and save on the GST portion of the car’s price.


save on operating costs

You can save even more by including all sorts of car operating expenses in your lease package, including servicing, tyres, petrol, insurance, roadside care and registration costs.



Adjust the lease to suit your situation – choose from between 1 and 5 years to repay.

how much will it cost?

A better question – how much will it save? You can answer both questions with the handy Novated Lease calculator.
















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things you should know.

Fees and charges may apply. Terms and conditions available on request. Applications are subject to credit approval.

The Novated Lease product is financed by Members Equity Bank Limited (ME), fleet managed and distributed through Leasexpress Fleet Management Pty Ltd.