Grab one, or maybe two.

The humble snag is a true Australian icon: the taste of Australian democracy, the flavour of morning hardware shopping, the breakfast of champions.

To celebrate this versatile BBQ snack, ME is launching Snag™ – the debit card for the rest of us.

For every sausage sizzle purchase, Snag™ gets you $2.50 cashback*. Not too shabby.


Find your local snag dispensary and get yourself a barbequed treat.


Snag™ and our SmellWave™ technology is 100% sauce resistant.


Tap your Snag™ card to your sausage, triggering its SmellWave™ sensors which then deposits $2.50 cashback in your account. Tasty.

How it

Smell the savings.

So, how does our card know when you’ve got yourself a tasty Saturday morning snag? It’s fitted with cutting edge SmellWave™ technology – with sensors finely tuned to detect the sizzling aroma of freshly cooked BBQ snags. Simply tap the card on your sausage and $2.50 is deposited into your account.

Backed by
Gary Brat.

Backed by Australia’s leading sausage blogger Gary Brat.

“This changes everything. For too long the common snag has been ignored by the gastro-elites. We’ve had dozens of reward cards for the fine dining snobs – now, finally, here’s a card for everyone else.”

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Apply now.

Waiting is the wurst, get cashback on your sausage sizzle purchases with Snag™ today.

Snags not
your bag?

Sausages aren’t for everyone. ME hasn’t forgotten the animal lovers, the religiously observant and the culinarily cautious: we’re also launching Veg™ – our green card for the vegetarians among us.

Along with cashbacks on your non-meat, fried food purchases, the fine-tuned SmellWave™ sensors also detect proximity to meat. If it detects that you’ve broken your veggie vows, it automatically donates your cashback funds to a charity of your choice.

Don’t cut up your card, Veg™ is edible so you can really put your money where your mouth is when your card expires.