01-Apr-2019 • Corporate

ME today expanded its product offering with the launch of a limited edition fragrance, Cash™ – The Scent of Money.

The bank developed the fragrance in response to the growing ‘wearables’ trend within the banking industry.

The fragrance 100% replicates the distinctive scent of cash, and is a scent that scientists have tried to replicate for many years but haven’t mastered until now.

ME’s Chief Experience Officer Ingrid Purcell said, “It’s the ‘wearable’ that’s actually wearable.”

“The scent of money has a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ – you don’t quite know what it is, but you like it.

“The smell of money generates feelings of nostalgia, warmth and luxury,” she added.

Fragrance notes:

  • Literal notes. A curated selection of authentic Australian $5 notes.
  • Luxe leather. A subtle medley of Italian leather and Australian surf-brand Velcro.
  • A hint of human. The fingerprints of 5,000 strangers with varying standards of hygiene.
  • Aged mattress. The delicate aroma of an old mattress – the most traditional form of money storage.

Pre-order now at www.mebank.com.au/cashbyME

Who’s the product for? The unisex fragrance is for anyone and everyone who secretly enjoys a whiff of cash.


Editor/legal notes: ME will not be held liable for any sudden surge in popularity or desirability upon wearing this fragrance. Cash™ is a highly flammable liquid and should not be sprayed near flames, or worn within 149.6 million kilometres of the sun. Unfortunately this fragrance is not suitable for use on Earth. Given this product is 100% fake, that shouldn’t be a problem.