Your repayments.

Need to tinker with your repayments? You can manage your loan at the touch of a button – just log in to internet banking to get started.

  • Making loan repayments

    You can make loan repayments using direct debit – paid either from a ME account, or an account with any other Australian financial institution.

    If you have a Basic or Flexible Home Loan, you can also pay your home loan directly from your salary.

    To set up a direct debit or salary payment, use this form.

Change your loan.

Times change. Your home loan should too. Get the lowdown on how to keep your loan up to date.

  • Minimise your interest

    Combine your flexible home loan with a Member Package and you’ll not only get a lower variable interest rate, you’ll also avoid a whole raft of fees:

    - no valuation fee (save $200)
    - no solicitor fee (save $200)
    - no fee for fixing your loan (save $250)
    - no fee for splitting your loan (save $250)
    - no fee for topping up (save $250)

    Interested? Get in touch on 13 15 63.

Get more from your loan.

Simple ways to supercharge your home loan.

  • Add an offset account

    You can use any extra cash you’ve got to reduce your loan interest – without locking up your savings.

    Link a ME Everyday Transaction Account to your ME flexible home loan, and any savings you leave in the account will help reduce the interest on your loan.

    How does it work? Basically, your loan amount owing is notionally reduced by the savings in your offset account whenever interest is applied to your loan.

    So if you have a $300,000 loan, and $50,000 in an offset account, interest would be charged as if you had a $250,000 loan.

    Sounds pretty good, right? Call us on 13 15 63 to get your offset account set up.

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