Navigate ME
Press the ‘navigate ME’ symbol at any time to access the main menu – that’s your starting point for pretty much anything you might want to do in the app, including transferring money, paying your bills and setting up balance peek.
Get to your ‘settings’ screen by hitting the cog symbol on the account overview screen.
From there, you can do things like change the order your accounts appear in, set your view to a list or a grid, and choose what images you want to appear with each of your accounts.

Balance peek
This is a handy feature that lets you check the balances of up to three of your accounts without having to log in. Activate it by touching the dollar-in-a-circle symbol in the top-right-hand corner of your login page.
To set up or change your balance peek settings – or to turn it off completely – go to the main menu and scroll down to ‘balance peek’.
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