Your first home.

Tips and advice on how to get from go to whoa in your first home.

Do I need a cheque at auction?

Buying at auction comes with plenty of fast-paced action but it also brings uncertainties about how to pay on the day

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How much deposit do I really need?

If it’s proving tough to save a 20 per cent deposit, rest assured, you can set the wheels in motion with a lot less.

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7 hacks to grow savings

You’ve got just $100. You want to grow savings. Follow our simple hacks to fast-track your way to a decent stash of personal cash.

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The where for and why of re-fi.
ATM homes

We look at the good, the bad and the ugly of dipping into home equity.

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Staying put can cost you dearly

Don’t miss out on some of the lowest rates seen in years – take a look at how much you could save by refinancing.

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When is the right time to talk to the bank about my home loan?

If you plan to refinance your home loan, it pays to act sooner rather than later.

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Moving home.

Picking up, packing up and lifting off.
Relocating - Buy now or sell first?

It’s the classic conundrum facing home owners trading up to their next property - should you buy now or sell your current home first?

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Moving? Clean out the clutter

Clutter can clog up our workplace, our homes and our lives – and it’s increasingly recognised as a source of personal stress. Achieve your Zen moment by paring back on possessions.

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5 tips for smooth sailing at settlement

Settlement is a critical phase where plenty can go wrong. Follow our five tips to sail through a stress-free settlement.

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From the benefits to any pitfalls, get the lowdown on buying an investment property.
Investing in property? Your 10-step guide to the buying process

Thinking about investing in a rental property but not sure how it all works? Check out our 10-step guide to understand what’s involved

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How risky is investing?

All investments have some degree of risk – the key is knowing the level of risk you’re comfortable with.

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What a write-off!

As a non-cash expense depreciation can be an investor’s best friend but there’s a good chance you’re not claiming every write-off you’re entitled to.

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Tips and advice on how to turns your cents into dollars.
How to set budget goals

If it feels like you’re never getting ahead financially, try these three simple budgeting hacks to gain – and maintain – control of your money.

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5 steps to buff up your finances

It’s time to get fiscal, and pump up your financial wellbeing.

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Money multi-tasking done right

These days multi-tasking is second nature. But when it comes to managing the many aspects of your finances, it pays to make sure you’re saving effectively.

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