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what we stand for.

ME is a different kind of bank. We’re about helping Australians get ahead. We believe that every Australian should be liberated to live the best life they can. And we can do that by being free thinking – thinking differently to any other bank. We’re about being quicker to market, more customer-focused, and simply easier, smarter and cooler to deal with.

At ME we’re sick and tired of the same old cheesy corporate clichés. We’re determined to become a different kind of bank to any other in Australia, so our Values are different. They define what we do and how we do it.

 Go To The Moon  

go to the moon

Don’t be afraid to fail. Get out there, get amongst it, be brave, break new ground, do things differently and change the world.

 Love Monday  

love monday

Love what you do and put yourself in the game every day. Bring your whole self to work and be present every second, give a damn about every single aspect of what you do.

  Ride The Subway

ride the subway

Get out there and see the real world, see what our customers see, what they want, what they dream of, hope for, aspire to.

Get into their kitchen and feel that heat.

  Stay Hungry

stay hungry

Keep looking, keep learning, keep growing. Look outside and inside and ride to make sure you know what’s going on in our world and the whole world.

 Have A Swing

have a swing

Just get going. Don’t hesitate, make things happen, make every day count. Push yourself to do more than you’ve ever done before.


who are we?

Our goals are disruptively ambitious; this offers incredible possibilities for you to grow, to get real exposure to fresh projects, people and the chance to make your mark.
We want you to challenge the status quo and share extraordinary ideas. Our size means there are less corners to hide in, so everyone is actively engaged to participate – from innovation, through to owning the process end-to-end.

At ME you’ll be part of an inspiring, happy, sociable and united team. Together a play-smart, collaborative team spirit runs deep. We support each other to achieve our goals and celebrate our shared success.

We realise it’s healthy to revive with down-time, so work-life balance isn’t just a shiny plaque on our wall. We actually work normal hours, supported with flexible work arrangements and a host of other great incentives.

Are you the sort of person we’re looking for?
We want team players who are happy to roll up their sleeves and get involved. We have ambitious goals and we need people who want to be a part of a team who are focused on building something amazing!

You will have energy to burn and you’re not afraid to throw your ideas out there and challenge the status quo. And most importantly you’re passionate about what you do and who you do it for.


is this you?

Going into 2017 we are likely to have new and exciting roles in these areas:

  • Are you a Sales champion? We have roles in mobile banking, workplace marketing, relationship management and business development.
  • Are you passionate about customer service? Our Service Excellence team incorporates our customer contact centre, project delivery team, customer account services, credit operations and account origination.
  • Are you a strategy, product development, product management, internal communications or marketing whiz kid? If so our Customer Experience team is the team for you.
  • If numbers or the legal detail is your thing then our Finance and Legal Services team might be right up your alley. Roles include corporate accounting, analytics and financial market expertise.
  • Want to keep us on the right side of the regulators? Then Risk, Audit and Compliance is looking for you.
  • Want to work on cutting edge digital technology projects then hit up our Information Technology team.
  • What other banks might call Human Resources we call People Experience. If you’re a people ‘geek’ we’d love to hear from you…everything from administration to business partners to Learning and Organisational Development and everything in-between.



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