About ME.

Our purpose

We’ve been helping everyday Australians get the most out of their money since 1994 – and that’s not changing.


We're keeping it digital – so we can bring you lower fees, higher returns and 24/7 banking.

Australian call centre

We keep our call centre in Australia, so we can focus on our high level of service and help to our customers.

Super supported.

ME is 100% owned by 26 of Australia’s leading industry super funds.

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AUSfund Australian Catholic Super Australian Super

CareSuper Catholic Super CBUS

Energy First HESTA super

Hostplus Intrust LUCRF super

Maritime super Media super Mercy super

Mine super MTAA super NGS super

REI super Statewide super Sun super

Tasplan TWU super Uni super

Vision super WA super

Our causes.

Get to know what matters to ME, and what we’re doing about it.

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Over $1 million donated

Over the last decade, we’ve helped raise over $1 million towards the National Breast Cancer Foundation with the Mother’s Day Classic.


Fossil free

We don't invest in fossil fuels, coal mining, coal ports, coal power, gas power or liquid natural gas plants. And we don't ever plan to.

Equal opportunities

We believe that every one of our employees, customers, friends and families - regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or identity - deserves equality.

Careers at ME


Mozo Bank of the Year 2018

Australia’s best bank

Mozo Named ME Australia’s Best Bank for having the widest range of highly-ranked products of any bank.

Money Minder of the Year awards

Money minder of the year

Money magazine recognised ME as the best place to stash your cash 2018.

Canstar 5-star Everyday Transaction Account outstanding value

5-star value

Our everyday account and Online Savings Account earned ME a 5-star Canstar rating for outstanding value.

Privacy & Security.

At ME your security comes first, so you can bank with confidence no matter where you are.

Data security.

Learn about how we protect your data at ME. We're serious about protecting you and your information.

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Government guarantee.

Your savings with ME are protected by the Australian Government's deposit guarantee.

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Internet banking.

Keep safe while using internet banking with these 7 helpful tips.

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What has ME done for you lately? Get the news.
08-Oct-2018 • Personal Finance
Australians’ fixation with new cars comes at a cost

Australians love buying new cars and are forking out tens of thousands for the luxury, despite having a number of other financial commitments and goals, a new survey by ME reveals.

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25-Sep-2018 • Corporate
FY18 results - ME continues on strong growth path

Industry super fund-owned bank ME achieved underlying earnings of $96.5 million for FY18, up 13% on last financial year and continuing a strong run of annual growth.

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13-Sep-2018 • Corporate
The new era of credit reporting will foster greater competition, says ME

Industry super fund-owned bank ME welcomes news the four big banks will sign on to Comprehensive Credit Reporting (CCR).

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The legal stuff.

The legal stuff.

Best Bank Award
Mozorecognised  ME as the most successful bank over the last 12 months. Having picked up awards for best value in home loans, credit cards, savings accounts and term deposits, ME was found to have the widest range of highly-ranked products of any bank.​

Money Magazine Award
Money magazine, Money Minder of the Year is awarded to the provider most likely to have an account that delivers value for money and includes personal transaction accounts, children’s accounts, regular saver accounts, online saving accounts and term deposits

Canstar Award
Canstar ranks transaction accounts based on value-for-money measures and then awards a star rating according to rank. The top accounts will be awarded a five-star (or outstanding) rating. ME was awarded a 5-star rating in the following categories: Low Transactor – requires full access to the account including ATM, EFTPOS and BPAY and conduct an average of 10 transactions per month; and High Transactor – requires full access to the account including ATM, EFTPOS and BPAY and conduct an average of 35 transactions per month.

Flexible Saver – customers looking to maximize their savings with no restrictions. To be eligible, the account must offer a base rate of 0.50% or higher on a balance of $25,000; and Regular Saver - for more active savers who are willing to meet stricter conditions to achieve higher levels of interest. To be eligible the account must offer a total rate (base plus conditional bonus rate) of 1% or higher on a balance of $10,000.