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Bank in person.

ME doesn’t have branches – instead you can make withdrawals or deposits at any Australia Post outlet with Bank@Post.

Over 3000 locations

Withdrawing cash.

There are plenty of ways to withdraw your cash from ME – including ATMs, EFTPOS and Bank@Post.

Getting cash

Making deposits.

You can put cheques or cash into your ME accounts at any Bank@Post outlet.

Depositing money


We run a tight ship at ME – here’s how we keep your accounts safe online.

On watch.

We’re always monitoring your accounts for suspicious activity – if something seems off, we’ll blocks your account right away and get in touch.

Account security

Keeping you safe.

Too many login attempts on your internet banking or mobile app account will lock it – keeping your accounts safe from fraudsters.

Online defence

Security codes.

Using internet banking to do things like make a new payment requires a security code, which is sent to your phone by text message.

Two-step verification