ME Go app

New app, new ME.

Instant payments. Beautiful cards that donate (on ME) every time you pay with your digital wallet. Product bundles designed specifically to help you reach certain goals. It’s all exclusive to the ME Go banking app.

Don’t wait to get Go’ing with ME. 
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The ME Bank app
(and internet banking).

We are working towards moving all customers and products to the new ME Go app. Until this happens, our ME Bank app and Internet Banking will continue to service products such as Online Savings Accounts, Everyday Transaction Accounts, personal loans, credit cards and home loans.

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Iphone and apple watch with digital wallet on screen

Digital wallets and wearables.

ME supports almost all digital wallets and wearables, so you can pay securely using your favourite Apple, Samsung and Google devices anywhere, anytime.
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Open Banking with ME.

Share your ME data securely with accredited providers under the Consumer Data Right (CDR), so that you’ll get the best products for you (not the ones banks want to push on to you). 

Learn more about Open Banking and the CDR

Your money’s safe with ME.

Not only does our system constantly monitor your card to help prevent fraudulent behaviour, we’ve got loads of other security measures in place to help protect you:

Lost your card?

You can temporarily lock your card in the mobile app if you think you may have misplaced it (or it’s in your pocket... again).

Government guarantee.1

Your money is protected by the government guarantee, with up to $250,000 per person covered by the government’s Financial Claims Scheme.

BOQ backed.

ME’s the small bank with big backing from BOQ Group (Bank of Queensland, Virgin Money).

The legal stuff.

The legal stuff.

1. Government Guarantee.
Deposits are protected by the Australian Government’s Financial Claims Scheme, up to $250,000 per person per authorised deposit-taking institution.
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