If you’re signed up to receive your statements online, you’ve got your statements at your fingertips whenever you log in to internet banking or the mobile app – once you know how to find them.

How to view and download statements in the mobile app

  1. Log in to the mobile app.

  2. Tap the account you wish to view the statement for.

  3. Tap the  icon and select the option ‘Statements’.

  4. Each of your statements is labelled with the date it ends. Click the statement you want to view.

  5. The statement will display in your devices PDF viewer. Depending on the device your using, you can save it by hitting the ‘download’ or ‘save’ icon.

How to view and download statements in internet banking

  1. Log in to internet banking.

  2. Click ‘accounts’ in the top menu and choose ‘view statements’.

  3. Under ‘accounts to show’, choose the account you’re interested in.

  4. Choose the statement you’re after from the list.

  5. Depending on the browser you’re using, the statement will either download or display in a new browser window. If it’s shown in your browser, you can save it by hitting the ‘download’ or ‘save’ icon.

Here’s a quick demo on how it’s done:

At ME each product has it's own cycle of when statements are released:
Everyday Transaction Account and InterestME Savings Account 
Quarterly after June, September, December and March.
Online Savings Account 
Twice a year after June and December.
Credit Cards 
Personal Loan 
Twice a year after June and December.
Flexible, Basic, Standard and Interest Only Investment Home Loans 
Twice a year after June and December.
Ultimate Offset Home Loans and Transaction Accounts 
Term Deposit 
Only available on terms of 7 months or longer, issued 6 months from start date, roll-over date or previous statement date. For all terms, an interest summary is provided at maturity.

Online statements and closed accounts

If you’re thinking about closing a ME account, make sure you download any online statements you need before you wrap things up – you won’t have access to them once it’s closed (though you’ll always get a final statement sent to you by mail).

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