If you’re signed up to receive your statements online, you’ve got your statements at your fingertips whenever you log in to internet banking – once you know how to find them.

Online statements and closed accounts

If you’re thinking about closing a ME account, make sure you download any online statements you need before you wrap things up – you won’t have access to them once it’s closed (though you’ll always get a final statement sent to you by mail).

At ME each product has it's own cycle of when statements are released:

Everyday Transaction Account and InterestME Savings Account – Quarterly after June, September, December and March.

Online Savings Account – Twice a year after June and December.

Credit Cards – Monthly

Personal Loan - Twice a year after June and December.

Flexible, Basic, Standard and Interest Only Investment Home Loans - Twice a year after June and December.

Ultimate Offset Home Loans and Transaction Accounts – Monthly

Term Deposit – Only available on terms of 7 months or longer, issued 6 months from start date, roll-over date or previous statement date. For all terms, an interest summary is provided at maturity

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