Paper statements and notices piling up? It’s easy to make the switch from paper to digital – and get your statements and notices delivered online.
As an added bonus, if you switch to online, you’ll be able to look back through all your old statements and notices online. Ah, the memories…

Where we can, we’ll send notices to you online rather than by mail. However, we may still need to mail some notices to you.

ME Go app.

ME Bank app.

Internet Banking.

Online statements and notices for closed accounts.

If you’re thinking about closing a ME account, make sure you download any online statements and notices you need before you wrap things up – you won’t have access to them once your account is closed.
(Note: you’ll always get a final statement for a closed account sent to you by mail, even if you’d normally get online statements.)

What ME app have I got? Find out here.

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