Paper statements piling up? It’s easy to make the switch from paper to digital – and get your statements delivered online.
As an added bonus, if you switch to online statements, you’ll be able to look back through all your old statements online. Ah, the memories…

Online statements and closed accounts

If you’re thinking about closing a ME account, make sure you download any online statements you need before you wrap things up – you won’t have access to them once it’s closed.
(Note that you’ll always get a final statement for a closed account sent to you by mail, even if you’d normally get online statements.)

Switching to online statements in Internet banking

  1. Log in to internet banking

  2. Click ‘accounts’ in the top menu, and choose ‘statement options’

  3. Make sure the ‘preferences’ tab is selected; hit the arrow icon symbol next to the account you want to change, and select ‘statement options’

  4. Choose whether you want paper or online statements and click continue

  5. Click confirm and you’re all done.

Here’s a quick demo on how it’s done:

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