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Manage Data Sharing

Internet Banking

For accounts managed in ME Bank internet banking, manage data sharing here.

ME Bank app

For accounts managed in the ME Bank app, manage data sharing here.


For accounts managed in the ME Go app, manage data sharing here.

What is Open Banking?

What is Open Banking?

Open Banking is designed to give you greater control of the banking data that ME holds about you.

It’s part of legislation passed by the Australian Government, called the Consumer Data Right (CDR), which enables you to choose to share your banking data with accredited providers. This makes it easier for you to compare products and services between accredited providers and make more informed decisions about the products and services that suit you best.

Either way, you’ll have full control over what banking data ME and accredited providers will have access to. ME is now an accredited Data Holder within Open Banking and will only ever share the banking data you request.

General Questions

Joint Accounts and Secondary Users

Business Accounts

ME CDR Policy.

ME CDR Policy.

Our Consumer Data Right policy explains how we manage your CDR data, how you can access and correct your CDR data, and how to make a complaint.

ME’s Consumer Data Right Policy can be found here.
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