1 - Look for the padlock
Always look for the padlock symbol in the browser address bar when you bank online. It confirms you’re using a secure site.

2 - Double check your last transaction
Whenever you bank online, quickly check the date and time of your last login. If something doesn’t look right, let ME know straight away on 13 15 63.

3 - Don’t walk away
Internet banking is the online gateway to your money, so stay with your computer until you’re done with your transactions. Never leave your computer unattended while you are logged in to internet banking.

4 - Be sure to actively log out
Log out of internet banking by clicking on “Log out” when you’ve completed your transactions. Simply closing the page is not the same as logging out.

5 - Stick to computers you know
Where possible, stick to computers you know for internet banking. Unfamiliar computers may not offer the protection of the latest anti-virus software.

6 - Bypass public computers and free wifi for internet banking
Only use public computers and free wifi as a last resort for internet banking. They do not offer a secure environment. If you must use a public computer for online banking, close the browser after you sign out, and change your internet banking password as soon as possible afterwards.

7 - Head straight to ME
Don’t follow links to reach internet banking. Type www.mebank.com.au into the address bar or save the URL into your browser favourites. That way you can be sure you’re using our secure site.

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