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Easy street or hard yards? See how Australians are faring as at December 2016


The ME Household Financial Comfort Report provides in-depth insights into the financial psychology of Australians based on a survey of 1,500 households. The Report is published every six months and includes but is not limited to, the Household Financial Comfort Index, which measures ongoing changes to households’ perceptions of their own financial comfort.


Latest report – December 2016


Key findings:


      • Low comfort with income: Australian households’ ‘comfort with income’ remains at its lowest level since the Household Financial Comfort Report began in 2011.


      • Income cuts and employment woes hurting financial comfort of Australian households: Over a quarter of households (27%) experienced an income cut during 2016, further exacerbated by record-high ‘job insecurity’ and high rates of underemployment.


      • Clear divide between rich and poor widening: While ME’s overall Household Financial Comfort index remains below its historical average, the report signposts a clear widening in the socio-economic divide between those receiving ‘income gains’ (46% of those earning above $100,000) versus those experiencing ‘income losses’ (41% of those earning less than $40,000).


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