24-Oct-2013 • Corporate

In a pre-Easter survey of 1,000 Australian adults, ME Bank found 84% plan to buy chocolate for themselves or others this Easter.
And they plan to spend an average of $56 on Easter chocolate, a decrease on last year’s average of $62.
Despite shaving a few dollars off the Easter budget this year, Aussies aren’t willing to sacrifice the quality of their cocoa.
More (64%) will be buying smaller quantities of quality chocolate at more expensive prices, while 36% will be sinking their teeth into larger quantities of lesser-quality chocolate at more affordable prices instead.
Among the 16% of Aussies who are the egg-ception to the rule and have chosen not to buy chocolate this year, they are doing so due to health and fitness reasons (34%) and because they believe Easter chocolate is too expensive (33%).

1 in 4 Aussies are not financially prepared for Easter

ME’s survey revealed that a whopping 25% of Aussies don’t feel financially prepared for Easter this year.
For those feeling ill prepared for the extra costs of holidays and entertainment, something’s got to give.
87% of Aussies said they’d be prepared to cut back on their Easter spending if their financial situation required them to, reporting the following elements would make the chopping block:
  • 40% said I’d cut back on travel and accommodation
  • 35% said I’d cut back on chocolate
  • 35% said I’d cut back on gifts other than chocolate
  • 35% said I’d cut back on entertainment

The Easter wealth effect
ME’s survey also found how Aussies feel about their wealth is impacting their Easter chocolate spending behaviour this year.
Aussies who reportedly feel wealthier than last year, plan to spend more money on chocolate this Easter (34% will spend more, 9% will spend less).
In contrast, those who reportedly feel their financial situation is worse than last year, plan to spend less money on chocolate this Easter (1% will spend more, 54% will spend less).


Editor notes: ME’s Easter spending survey was completed by 1,000 Australian adults via survey provider Pure Profile

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