25-May-2020 • Corporate

The Chairman of ME Bank, Mr James Evans, has announced that Ms Elana Rubin has resigned as a Non-Executive Director of ME Bank, as she takes up the role of Chair of Afterpay.
Ms Rubin has been a Non-Executive Director of ME Bank since October 2016 and has made a significant contribution to ME Bank’s evolution and development, based on her extensive experience in and knowledge of the financial services industry.
Mr Evans commented, “Elana has served the ME Bank Board with the utmost professionalism and has made a meaningful contribution based on her wide experience and expertise in financial services. The Board thanks Elana for her dedication and commitment and wishes her well in the future.”
Ms Rubin’s resignation will be effective at the conclusion of the next ME Bank Board meeting on 4 June 2020.

For media enquiries, please contact:

Matthew Read
General Manager Communications
0432 130 338

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