See how property prices aren’t cooling Aussies’ financial comfort.

See how property prices aren’t cooling Aussies’ financial comfort.

The ME Household Financial Comfort Report provides in-depth and critical insights into the financial situation of Australians based on a survey of 1,500 households.
The survey is designed, developed and produced bi-annually by ME with assistance from DBM Consultants and Economics & Beyond.
This edition presents the findings from the 15th survey, conducted in December 2018.

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Key findings.

Falling house prices help narrow big financial comfort gap.

The financial comfort gap is closing between property owners and renters, and high income earners and other income brackets.

Overall financial comfort up despite asset price falls

Overall Household Financial Comfort Index increased by 2% to 5.56 out of 10 – higher than the past five surveys

Cautious Australians ‘tightening their belts’

More households are saving, less are overspending, and comfort with short-term cash savings is on the rise.

Housing and credit stress decline

Households are contributing less of their income towards housing each month – a common indicator of financial stress, and there’s a decline in being unable to meet debt servicing commitments.

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