07-Dec-2015 • Corporate

Industry super fund-owned bank ME today announced a new partnership with Village Cinemas Australia and joint venture partners Amalgamated Holdings Limited (AHL).

The partnership extends across Village, Event, Greater Union and Birch Carroll & Coyle cinemas nationally; and will enable ME to promote its recently refreshed brand identity to achieve greater awareness and recognition via a variety of cinema assets and bespoke executions.

ME Brand and Digital Director, Ingrid Purcell, said the Bank was attracted by the partnership’s unique marketing opportunities together with Australian’s growing love affair with the big screen.

“We see this as a great opportunity to leverage a captive, nation-wide audience in a popular and growing channel, and connect ME with Australia’s favourite pastime,” said Purcell.

Village Cinema’s Australia General Manager Sales and Marketing, Mohit Bhargava, on behalf of the joint venture said: “we’re excited to work with a fresh new brand such as ME.

“Like the other select brands we engage with, ME appreciates how our varied cinema assets can help boost their brand profile on a national scale in an extremely captive environment,” he said.

Village Cinemas Australia and AHL combined boasts the largest cinema presence in Australia and offering an impressive line-up of blockbuster films in 2016.

The joint venture also offers industry-leading member loyalty programs, and some of the country’s top entertainment websites and social media communities.



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