01-Apr-2017 • Corporate

ME today launched Snag™, a new debit card that reimburses customers on sausage sizzle purchases.

The bank has released the card in honour of the humble Aussie snag – a national icon and the taste of Australian democracy.

The new card is fitted with cutting-edge SmellWave™ technology that automatically detects the aroma of freshly cooked snags, so customers only need to tap the card on a sausage and $2.50 is deposited in their account.

The card is styled in BBQ-brown and comes with a bread-textured phone case.

To help promote the card, ME has partnered with leading sausage blogger, Gary Brat, who said: “Snag™ will add more heat and spice to the debit card market than all the chorizos in Spain”.

Apply now, as waiting is the wurst

Not into snags? Go Veg™

To cater for vegetarians, ME has also released a new debit card aptly named Veg™. As well as being compostable, the card is also edible so you can put your money where your mouth is.


Editor / legal notes: You should only consider sausages if they are right for you and we don’t advise you to eat your debit card. And yes, we know that jokes about German sausages are the wurst. P.S These fake products do not exist.

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