01-Apr-2022 • Corporate

Quintessential Aussie brands ME Bank and Volley are excited to co-launch VolleyPay, a ground-breaking new wearable that allows customers to pay with their feet, taking ‘footing the bill’ to a whole new level.
Integrating ME’s popular Buck debit card with Volley’s iconic footwear, VolleyPay is an innovation that reflects the increasingly hygiene-conscious consumer, allowing users to pay in a non-contact way.

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ME’s Chief Marketing Officer, Ingrid Purcell said the privacy and lifestyle benefits of VolleyPay will be undeniable.
“When ME customers use VolleyPay to purchase their daily coffee, the family shopping or a romantic meal, the technology will allow them to kick, dance and pay in a fashion-forward way,” she said.
Stephen Bakos, Head Scientist in Volley’s Foot Science Division is thrilled to be launching a world-first.  
“Volley may be known for our classic footwear, but we’re also always looking towards the future. That’s why we’re incredibly excited to be foot pioneers in the wearable payments space,” he said.
Ready to dip your toe into hands-free payments? Don’t miss out on this unprecedented advancement in the banking, fashion and technology space here:mebank.com.au/volleypay
Editor notes: Limited edition release drops on 1 April 2022. Not available in all sizes (actually, not available at all). VolleyPay is an unregistered fictitious trademark.
Pair of volley shoes with card placed on the sole
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