Introducing VolleyPay.

Introducing VolleyPay.
ME is thrilled to collaborate with Volley on this massive step in hands-free banking. 

Whether you’re always busy on your phone, a bit of a hygiene freak or just want to be on the front foot of tech, banking and style, VolleyPay is the answer to your everyday woes.

And at a decent price point, you won’t have to sell your sole to get a pair.

Plenty of great feetures.

Look, no hands.

How will you pay – roundhouse kick, Zumba step, or yoga pose? Paying with hands is so 2021.

Bank in style.

Available in 5 colours: red, blue, yellow, green and pink. Account-ing for taste is what we do.


Lost your sh**? (Shoe that is.) Put a lock on it with ME’s instant VolleyPay security locking tech.

Two shoes? Goody.

We don’t discriminate based on foot preference. Whether you’re left footed, ambidextrous or able to pay with both feet in a handstand, ME supports you.

ME with Groucho glasses

It was shoe good to be true.

As most things in April are. And while VolleyPay might not exist *yet*, you can still look good using both Buck and Volley (separately).
All 5 ME buck colours falling like dominos

Get a kick out of our everyday card.

Open an Everyday Transaction Account and add your Buck card to your digital wallet in 5 minutes flat.
It might not be hands free, but you can use it securely with your favourite device anywhere, anytime

Open an Everyday Transaction Account.
Volley shoe with VolleyPay and ME branding on the side

Shoes sold separately.

Unlike April Fool’s pranks, a pair of fresh kicks from Volley never go out of season. You can even attach your Buck card to your shoes with sticky tape if you really love the idea of VolleyPay – just don’t expect your local café to be stoked when you accidentally punt their card reader.

Shop the range.

The legal stuff.

The legal stuff.
Limited edition release drops on 1 April 2022. Not available in all sizes (actually, not available at all). VolleyPay is an unregistered fictitious trademark.

Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.
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