Get everything you need in an everyday bank account, all for a monthly account-keeping fee of $0 (that’s zero, zip, nada).


Get hit with a transaction fee for using an Australian ATM? We’ll refund it within 30 days.1


Banking with zero monthly account-keeping fees. You earned it, you spend it.


It’s your money; we won’t tell you what to do with it. Say yes to convenience, no to obligations.


Use over 10,000 ATMs across Australia for free at the major four banks.

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Open an Online Savings Account with your Everyday Transaction Account and you could earn a bank-load of bonus interest.2

Online Savings Account


Enjoy extra protection against fraud with Mastercard’s SecureCode® and Zero Liability coverage.

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Facts & fees.


Here’s how to open a bank account online with ME – in just 5 minutes.

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You’ll need to have

• about 5 minutes
• your driver’s licence or passport

You’ll need to be

• at least 16 years old
• an Australian citizen, permanent resident or resident for tax purposes with an Australian residential address
• opening an account for personal use

What happens next

If we can verify you online, we’ll instantly open your new Everyday Transaction Account and pop your card in the mail.

Simply... the best of the best.

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Best of the Best 2018
Everyday Transaction Account

Help & support.

Card lost or stolen?

You can stop your card instantly using internet banking.

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Move your money.

Wondering how to use your Everyday Transaction Account? We got you.

Depositing & withdrawing

Activate your card.

Get it done online in seconds, so you can get to working that plastic.

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Your debit Mastercard works in over 200 countries, so you’ll be looked after wherever you go (transfer fees apply).

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Hone your finance skills with Ed, the online school of money that’s fast and free.

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Feel like you’re never getting ahead financially? Try these budget hacks.

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The legal stuff.

The legal stuff.

Everyday Transaction Account Terms and Conditions
Fees and charges guide
Online Savings Account Terms and Conditions

1. Free ATM access terms and conditions
Open your new Everyday Transaction Account & receive a refund on fees incurred at all ATMs in Australia within 30 days of the transaction. We may change or withdraw this offer at any time.

2. Online Savings Account (OSA) variable bonus interest terms and conditions.
To get bonus interest on your OSA for any calendar month you must have a ME Everyday Transaction Account (ETA) and during that month make a weekly purchase with your ETA debit Mastercard using tap & go. Bonus interest is only payable on balances up to $250,000 on the first OSA you open. You’re automatically eligible for bonus interest on your first OSA unless it was opened before 10/08/15, in which case you’re only eligible upon request. If you don’t meet all of these bonus interest conditions you’ll receive variable base rate interest only, however in any month we may without notice waive the requirement for you to meet all of these conditions. We may change or withdraw the bonus interest offer at any time. Charged last day of the month and upon account closure.

Award info
ME won the Best of the Best Award 2018 for Best Everyday Account – Bank category. The winners were ranked by average dollar cost based on 30 transactions a month and a zero balance, then by ATM network, branch network, availability of phone banking and interest rate on a balance of $2,000.

Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply. This is general information only and you should consider if these products are right for you.

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