25-Oct-2019 • Personal Finance

Seventy-nine per cent of Australian car drivers are choosing alternative modes of transport to minimise the costs associated with driving their car.

That was the key finding from ME’s new survey of 1,000 Australian car drivers.

However leaving your car at home isn’t always a practical solution, and instead, 41% of drivers are opting for the cheapest fuel as a way to keep their driving costs down.

“Fuel is a significant ongoing cost for car drivers, and Aussies’ are employing different tactics to tackle it,” said ME money expert Matthew Read.

Additionally, 82% dabble in the use of fuel vouchers to get discounts; however only 24% are using vouchers every time they fill up their tank.

How far would you travel to get the best fuel price?

“Sometimes you’ve got to be willing to travel the distance to save on fuel,” said Read.

When asked how far you would travel to get the best fuel price, 25% of drivers are willing to travel up to 10km for cheaper fuel.

However, 18% said they wouldn’t shop around for a lower price.

Car servicing puts financial strain on half of Aussie car owners

“Fuel isn’t the only thing burning a hole in the wallet,” said Read.

Results show the costs associated with car servicing places financial strain on 53% of Aussie car owners.

Of those who feel financially strained, 75% bite the bullet and get their car serviced regardless, while 25% choose not to service their due to the cost involved – something Read said “might end up costing people more in the long-run if lack of maintenance turns into a big issue down the track.”

Read concluded with, “cars require ongoing maintenance, but it also doesn’t have to cost a bomb. There are ways to manage your spend, and it pays to be savvy about the way you maintain your vehicle and fill up your tank.”


Editor notes: ME surveyed 1,000 Australian adults who own or drive a car via insights provider Pure Profile.

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