28-Jan-2021 • Corporate

ME Bank has added its iconic logo to prominent office tower, 141 Walker Street, North Sydney this month.

The Melbourne-based bank purchased the signage rights to the 25-story office building as part of an ongoing brand and growth strategy in New South Wales. Two sides of the building feature 27 x 8 metre signs with illuminated ME logos.

The building was selected due to first-rate vantage points, attracting the attention of Sydneysiders travelling to and from the Sydney CBD each day.

The building is also one of the most sought-after office buildings in North Sydney, home to a number of Australia’s leading consultancy, finance, engineering and resources firms.

ME’s head office will remain in Melbourne.

ME’s Chief Experience Officer, Ingrid Purcell is delighted to add ME’s friendly face to Sydney’s skyline.

“This prominent city signage will help build awareness of ME’s strong brand in a market vital to our long-term success,” she said.

“It reflects the size and performance of our business and will help build trust with familiarity with our customers.”

ME has plans to activate the sign’s energy-efficient illumination features to mark significant occasions throughout the year.


Editor notes: Photos are available on request.

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