28-Feb-2022 • Corporate

ME Bank is activating its Emergency Fast Track Relief assistance to customers impacted by the extreme weather events across Queensland and Northern NSW.

As the severe weather systems continue to cause dangerous conditions in Queensland and Northern NSW, the safety of customers is the highest priority. Once safe to do so, impacted ME Bank customers are encouraged to contact the Customer Assistance team on 1300 500 520 to discuss the options available to them.

The Fast Track process provides urgent access to support for ME Bank customers affected by the severe weather, where they can discuss financial relief available including:
  • 90 day deferral of loan repayments (i.e. Home Loans, Business Loans, Personal Loans) which may be capitalised to the loan over the remaining term;
  • Waiver of fees associated with transactions relating to the financial difficulty assistance;
  • Early release of funds held in customer Term Deposits (including waiver of fee);
For emergency help in severe weather call the State Emergency Service on 132 500, or call 000 for life-threatening emergencies.


Media contact:
Kieran Debney
E: mediarelations@boq.com.au
P: 0420 363 533
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