22-Nov-2014 • Corporate

ME Bank today announced a support package for Mr Fluffy-affected homeowners in the Australian Capital Territory.

The package gives all affected homeowners the option to borrow against their Mr Fluffy-affected home from the moment they sign on to the Government’s buyback offer, accelerating their purchase of an alternative property.

Standard lending criteria will apply and ME Bank will lend up to 80 per cent of the agreed value on an existing home.

ME Bank will also make available its standard hardship policy to affected home owners, which can allow for deferred or reduced repayments should homeowners face financial challenges during the transition period.

ME Bank CEO, Jamie McPhee said it is important people know the banks are here to help people through this difficult time.

“Many homeowners understandably want certainty and to move on with their lives quickly. To help them ME Bank has agreed to lend on their existing Mr Fluffy-affected homes using standard lending criteria, and as soon as they join the buyback. That means they can start looking for and potentially buy a new home as soon as possible,” Mr McPhee said. 

For more information about ME Bank’s support package go to: mebank.com.au/mrfluffy.

To register your interest in speaking to a banker about our support package, call Monday to Saturday 9-5 on (03) 9708 4041. A banker will contact you within 24 hours.

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