21-Jun-2021 • Corporate

ME Bank is pleased to announce that Bank of Queensland (BOQ) Group has received the Treasurer’s approval for its acquisition of ME.
While ME will become part of the BOQ Group, the Bank will continue to operate with its well-recognised brand and the same great Australian-based customer service team.
Mr Adam Crane, CEO of ME Bank, said, “On a day-to-day basis, it is business as usual for ME customers. There will be no change to customers’ accounts or arrangements, nor the way they normally interact with ME Bank.
“Being part of the BOQ Group will help us deliver on our purpose, ‘helping all Australians get ahead’.  As home-grown banks, BOQ and ME are a natural fit, culturally aligned and offer a genuine alternative to the big banks. Importantly, we share common values and a customer-first ethos.
“As ME becomes WE, the team looks forward to continuing to support and service our customers and offering the simple and straightforward banking products that they want.”


Noha Habib
Symbol Strategic Communications
0449 571 078

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