31-May-2018 • Corporate

ME has been awarded ‘Money Minder of the Year’ by Money magazine, following an analysis by comparison site, Canstar.
The ‘Money Minder of the Year’ Award recognises the financial institution with the best deposit accounts: transaction, savings and term deposits.
Effie Zahos, Money magazine editor said ME scored high marks on its term deposit and savings accounts.
“Attractive rates over the long term − not just for an introductory period − was a strong feature that appealed to research partner,” she said. 
ME consistently offers competitive rates across all term deposit terms from 1 month to 12 months, and is currently the market leader for 9 and 12 month terms for amounts under $100,000.
ME also has an attractive bonus savings offer linking the usage of an Everyday Transaction Account and Online Saving Account.
To be eligible for the bonus savings rate, customers need be an active Everyday Transaction Account user by making at least one tap & go™ transaction per week.

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Legal notes
Money Magazine, Money Minder of the Year is awarded to the provider most likely to have an account that delivers value for money and includes personal transaction accounts, children’s accounts, regular saver accounts, online saving accounts and term deposits. Terms, conditions fees and charges apply to each of these products. This is general information only and you should consider if these products are right for you. Members Equity Bank Ltd ABN 56 070
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