17-Jan-2019 • Corporate

Industry super fund-owned bank ME is harnessing the oddly-satisfying slow TV marketing trend by publishing a video of a bank card being hand-crafted in real time.

The video showcases a pink silicone mix being poured into a mould and bank card numbers being laser cut and hand-applied with delicate tweezers. An hour-long version of the video has been shared to YouTube, twitter and Instagram TV, with a teaser posted on ME’s Facebook page.

Viewers can enjoy the soothing full-length experience or scroll to 21:43 for an up close shot of tweezers performing the fiddly task of putting the first number on the card. If you’re a sucker for a resin pour, skip to 43:50 for the fresh mix and pour of resin into the mould.

In contrast to the fast pace nature of social media, the oddly-satisfying video and slow TV trend displays satisfying yet odd acts to achieve relaxing and enjoyable online content.

ME is the first Australian bank to experiment with the evolving marketing trend, and is among a handful of Australian brands.

ME Chief Experience Officer Ingrid Purcell said ME is always looking for creative ways to enhance its social content and tap into cultural trends.

“Our social media engagement strategy is to be relevant, relatable and responsive so appropriating current positive enjoyable and unique content trends communicates that,” she said.

ME worked with Either Either, a local multimedia studio specialising in craft-based content. Creative Director, Mete Erdogan said he utilised ME’s cheeky and playful brand to create the video.