Need to stop a cheque? No problem – just get in touch.

Personal cheques

As long as your cheque hasn’t already been presented for payment, you can cancel it by sending us a message using internet banking or calling us on 13 15 63 – be sure to let us know the cheque number when you do.

Bank cheques

If you’re still holding a bank cheque that you’d like to have cancelled, you can get the funds returned to your account by mailing it back to us.

Be sure to write the account number you want credited on the back of the cheque, and send it to:

PO Box 1345
Melbourne VIC 3001

If your bank cheque has been lost or stolen, get it touch to cancel it – send us a message using internet banking or call on 13 15 63. We’ll send out a Letter of Indemnity for you to fill out as part of the process of claiming your funds back.

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