Sometimes you need a little more leeway to get you through the month – and sometimes you need to remove the temptation for easy purchases.

Here’s how to go about increasing or decreasing your credit card limit.

Increasing your limit

To increase your credit card limit, you need to have had your credit card for at least six months to apply – you're more likely to get your increase approved if your income has increased and your debts have decreased.

If you’d like to apply, just fill out a credit card limit increase request form and send it in by emailing or by post.

Decreasing your limit

You can ask us to decrease your credit limit any time you want – as long as you’re the primary cardholder.

Just jump onto internet banking or give us a call on 13 15 63. In internet banking, either click “reduce my credit limit” under the cards menu.

Things to note:

  • Your new credit limit must be above your credit card’s minimum ($1,000 for Frank and ME Mastercard).
  • Your new credit limit must be above your current outstanding balance – rounded up to the nearest $100.
  • If you drop your credit limit and want to reapply for a credit limit increase, you’ll need to wait six months to reapply.

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