If you need to close an account, call us on 13 15 63If your accounts are managed via the ME Go app you can close your accounts directly from the app. 

Before you do, remember to change over any direct debits that apply to this account and transfer the remaining balance. Also look for any pending payments that might need to clear before the account is closed.  


ME Go app.

Alternatively, you can write to us at:

ME Account Services 
GPO Box 1345
Melbourne VIC 3001

Account linked to another?

If the account you’re closing is linked by direct debit to another active ME account, please send us a completed direct debit authority form nominating an alternative account.

What happens once your request is processed?

  • The card(s) become inactive, so you can’t spend any more on this account.
  • You’ll no longer see your deposit account on internet banking. 
  • You’ll receive a final statement for that statement cycle (however you won’t be able to access previous statements).
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