Travelling during COVID-19.

With travel restrictions and rules changing constantly, we want you to stay safe, so please check out for the latest travel advice when planning your trip.

Drop us a line.

About to jet off overseas? Before you hop on the plane, make sure you let ME know about your travel plans.

Let us know the dates you’ll be travelling and the countries you’re planning to visit. Just send us an in-app chat from the ME Go app, or give ME a call on 13 15 63.

This way, we’ll know to monitor your account, so we can protect your funds if we think your card is compromised while you’re overseas. 

We’ve got a dedicated fraud team that monitors suspicious transactions – particularly international ones – and without a heads up from you, they could misinterpret your lavish holiday spending and put a stop on your card.

If you have a SpendME account, the great news is we won’t charge you any international transaction fees while you’re away. If you have an Everyday Transaction account or ME credit card, please check out the fees and charges that might apply to your accounts if you use them overseas. 

We may still need to pause your card.

Even if you let us know about your travel, we may still need to stop an unusual transaction or block your card for security reasons.

You'll receive a phone call or SMS from us if this happens, so make sure your contact details are up-to-date. We'll help you unblock your card over the phone once we confirm it's you who made the transaction. Alternatively, you can contact us on 13 15 63 (or +61 3 9708 4001 if you’re overseas).

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