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Changing your home loan repayment amount.

It’s easier than you think – and just takes a minute.

Closing your home loan.

Paying it down and closing it up. Find out how to discharge your home loan right here.

Construction loans information sheet.

You can find detailed information about a ME construction loan here.

Deferring a home loan repayment.

Can’t make your next repayment? Let us know – we can help.

Making extra repayments on your home loan.

Paying off a little extra today can make for big savings down the road.

Paying off your home loan early.

The ins and outs on getting your loan paid down.

Redrawing from your home loan.

Need cash pronto? A free redraw from your home loan could do the trick.

Splitting your home loan.

Get the best of both worlds – go fixed and variable.

Topping up your home loan.

If you need a cash injection, a top-up may be the answer.

Variable vs fixed interest rates.

Get your head around the rate options available.