You can resume your repayments at any time in internet banking (unfortunately not in the mobile app).

Here's how:
  1. Log into internet banking.
  2. Click ‘messages’ in main menu at the top > then select ‘send mail’.
  3. From there, select the drop down menu sitting under ‘subject’, and choose ‘resume home loan repayments’.
  4. Select which home loan account you’d like to resume.
  5. Hit ‘send’.
  6. You’ll then be sent straight back to the 'inbox' with a green ‘message sent’ confirmation at the top of screen. If you want to confirm the message has sent, you’ll be able to find it in the 'sent mail' tab.
Please note: If you have got multiple home loan accounts you want to resume, you'll need to complete the above steps for each home loan account. For example, if you have a split home loan which includes a variable loan and fixed loan you will need to complete the above process for each loan.

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