If your device already has Touch ID set up (and at least one fingerprint ID stored) when you first register the ME app, you’ll automatically be asked if you want to use Touch ID to log in.
If your app is already registered, you can set up Touch ID login by going to ‘settings’ at the bottom of the main menu screen and toggling the ‘Enable Touch ID’ button. To disable Touch ID, just use that button to turn it off again.

Is logging in to the app with Touch ID just as secure as using my PIN?
Absolutely. It’s actually more secure, since there’s no chance of anyone seeing you putting in a PIN.
There’s one important thing to keep in mind though: don’t enable Touch ID login for the ME app if anyone else has fingerprint IDs stored on your device. Otherwise they’ll also be able to get access to your app – and to your ME bank accounts.

This information only applies to Apple devices, we're looking to add Android functionality in the future.
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