Sometimes when you look at your account, you’ll see your ‘available balance’ is lower than its current balance. This is because there are pending transactions on your account – money that was deducted when you made a purchase on your card, but hasn’t yet been claimed by the seller.

Pending transactions could be credit and tap&go™ transactions, as well as online and international purchases. These transactions can hang around for up to 10 days, which is how long the sellers have to claim their money from a sale.

If the transaction isn't processed within 10 days, the pending transaction amount will be returned to your available balance (just like when a hotel places a security deposit on your credit card).

Want to view your pending transactions online?

Some Everyday Transaction Accounts already display any pending transactions at the top of your transaction list in internet banking. If there are no pending transactions, you’ll just see the heading ‘completed transactions’.

Over the coming months, we’re working to have this feature on all transaction and credit card accounts – in both internet banking and the mobile app.​

In the meantime, simply refer to the ‘available’ column when you log into internet banking to see how much you have in real time – this includes all processed and unprocessed transactions.

If you can’t see your pending transactions, you can chat with ME in internet banking, or call 13 15 63.

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