How to protect my password?

Keep your access code and password secure by making them hard to guess. Don’t use birthdays, addresses, phone numbers, names or an alphabetical PIN (like DEB) that is a recognisable part of your name.

When setting up your access code, make sure it meets the following requirements: 

  • Numbers only
  • Minimum 7 numbers
  • Maximum 20 numbers
  • Can’t have same number three times in a row (e.g. 111)
  • Can’t have four ascending or descending numbers (e.g. 1234 or 4321)
  • Can’t have the same number appear more than five times.
  • Can’t have pairs next to each other if the second pair is one number higher (e.g. 1122)
  • Can’t be the same as your previous eight access codes

How often should I change my password?

Change your access code and password regularly, we recommend every six to 12 months.

Where should I store my password?

Access codes and passwords are best stored in your memory. If you need to keep a written record, store your access codes and passwords away from your digital devices and wallet. A password manager can be a useful option.

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