If you have been assigned as power of attorney for a ME customer, you can use these steps to register your authority with ME.
Here’s a quick run-down on how it’s done.

1. Get your documents in order.

You’ll need to send us a few documents before we can register your power of attorney account access:
Power of attorney document
You’ll need to provide us with a copy of the full power of attorney document, which has been certified as a true copy of the original on each page of the document.
If the person being granted access isn’t a ME customer, that person also needs to provide a certified copy of their photo ID, and a completed copy of this form:

2. Post it in.

Post your documents to this address:
Deposit Solutions
Reply Paid 1345
Melbourne, VIC 8060

3. Wait for confirmation.

We’ll review the documents and then get in touch to confirm the arrangement. We’ll contact the applicant, and if required, the ME customer whose accounts are affected.

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