Smartphones and tablets make it convenient to bank on the go, but these devices can be easy for other people to access especially if the device is lost or stolen.

That makes it worth taking five extra precautions with your smartphone or tablet to maximise internet banking security.

1 - PIN protect your devices

Ensure your smartphone or tablet is locked with a PIN. Use the “auto lock” function to ensure your device locks after just a few moments of not being used.

2 - Install security software

Where it’s available, always install security software on your device.

3 - Don’t store personal details on your device

Don’t let your devices remember usernames or passwords for your banking accounts. And don’t store private banking information like your passwords, usernames, account numbers or access codes on your smartphone or tablet.

4 - Don’t modify or hack into your phone or tablet

Modifying your device can make it more vulnerable to viruses and malware. In particular, avoid loading custom firmware or unauthorised apps onto your devices especially if they’re not from official stores – they can be more likely to have malware or be vulnerable to viruses.

5 - Let us know

If your smartphone is registered for SMS security, and it’s lost or stolen, let us know straight away by calling 13 15 63.

Further enhance your smartphone internet banking security by keeping personal details private. Never use email or SMS to disclose your customer ID, card details, personal details, PIN, access number or password.

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