It is important to protect yourself from all areas of potential fraud, and that includes managing your money offline. Follow our five steps to help prevent becoming a victim of fraud.

1 - Value your personal privacy

All information is useful to fraudsters, so be mindful of protecting private details about yourself. Be careful about giving your phone number out to organisations you’re not familiar with.

Ask why your number is needed and how it will be used. If you complete transactions over the phone, always ask for a receipt number for the transaction.

2 - Be discreet around ATMs

When you’re using an ATM, make sure no one can see you enter your PIN – use your free hand to cover the keypad if necessary. Watch out for hardware attached to an ATM that looks out of place, it could be an illegal skimming device. If in doubt, don’t use that ATM.

When you withdraw cash, be discreet. Check the ATM has dispensed the right amount, then store the cash in your wallet or purse and move away from the ATM.

3 - Take care with cheques

If you use cheques, never pre-sign cheques in your chequebook or make cheques out to 'cash'. Always store your cheque books in a safe place when you are not using them.

4 - Make a habit of checking your account

Check your account balance regularly looking for unfamiliar or unauthorised transactions. Let ME know about any suspicious activity on your accounts straight away.

5 - Report loss, theft or unauthorised access immediately

Contact ME immediately on 13 15 63 if:
  • Your bank card is lost or stolen
  • Your card, customer ID, access code, passcode or PIN is compromised
  • Your mobile phone is lost or stolen (SMS is used for additional security)

Don’t delay. It’s important to contact us quickly. If you do not notify us within a reasonable timeframe you may be liable for losses which occur as a result of your delay.

For more information, download a copy of our Electronic Access terms and conditions, which sets out in detail the situations where you could be liable for unauthorised electronic transactions involving use of your card, customer ID, access code, password or PIN. Or call us on 13 15 63 for a copy of our Electronic Access terms and conditions.

I received an SMS or phone call about suspicious activity on my account

If we detect that you might have been the victim of fraud, we’ll try and get in touch with you to make sure everything is okay.

In this case, you’ll receive a phone call or SMS from either 13 15 63, 07 3258 4234 or 0428 547 712. To keep you protected, we’ll also block the card in question to stop any further fraudulent activity until we know that your money is safe.

Once we’ve talked to you, we’ll help you either unblock the card, or issue you a new one.

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