Want to learn more about who you’re sharing data with, and what data you’ve shared? Here’s how.
  1. Viist the data sharing customer dashboard.
  2. Select 'data sharing arrangements'. This will display an option to select active or inactive arrangements.
  3. We’ll display all your active sharing arrangements and the expiry date, followed by expired sharing arrangements and the date the consent expired.
  4. You can search for, and click on the sharing arrangement to learn more about when the sharing arrangement access was granted, what accounts have been shared, the type of data that’s been shared, and how long we will continue to share data.
  5. You can also stop sharing your data. Locate the provider you want to stop sharing your data with and click Stop sharing at the bottom of the screen. A message will display, reminding you of what happens when you stop sharing.

    Click Continue and we’ll ask you to Confirm, as once you stop sharing, we cannot reinstate this for you. You’ll need to initiate the process again from the accredited provider’s website or app you want to share your ME data with.

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