Refinancing 101.

Everything you need to know about getting yourself a better home loan deal.

Why refinance?

If rates have dropped or there’s a deal on offer, you could save a bundle by changing up your loan.

Refinancing 101

When to refinance.

Loans shouldn’t be set-and-forget; it pays to check in on whether there’s a better deal available.

Freshen up your loan

How to refinance.

It’s just like taking out a new loan – that pays out your old one. Read up on the best time to look at refinancing. 

Your step-by-step guide

Making the break.

Leaving your old loan will probably involve some refinancing costs – it pays to make sure you’ll come out in front.

Get across the costs

Prep for success.

If you’re getting ready to pull the trigger on a refinance, here are a few things to think about.

The refinance checklist

Get approved.

Ready to refinance your loan? You could get pre-approval today.

Let's talk home loans

Help & support.

Need more help? We got you.

Offset accounts.

Got some savings? You reduce your interest by putting them in an offset account.

Offset your interest

Extra repayments.

With most ME home loans you can make as many extra repayments as you like, with no penalty.

Repay early and save

Top up your loan.

If your property has increased in value, you could borrow more from your loan – to spend as you please.

Top me up

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The legal stuff.

The legal stuff.

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