The rest is history.
The rest is history.

A credit report includes information about a person’s credit history that is kept by a credit reporting body and used by ME and other lenders when assessing loan or credit card applications.

Changes to credit reporting came into effect in March 2014 to enable a more complete view of a person’s credit history to be included in a credit report. These changes are referred to as ‘comprehensive credit reporting’ and they brought Australian credit reporting practices in line with countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

Generally, these changes apply to personal banking, and they will change the way credit providers assess applications. Before comprehensive credit reporting, a person’s credit report only provided limited – mostly negative – information, such as overdue debts, bankruptcy or court judgments. Now credit reports can include more information about the credit products a person has and how they’ve managed their repayments.

ME supports the changes to move to a more complete credit view. We believe this could positively change the way Australians interact with lenders in the future – including having access to greater choice and potentially better deals.

At ME, we’re playing our part, by recording and sharing comprehensive data about borrowers.

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