The lowdown on refinancing.

Wondering what refinancing could do for you?
Let’s take a look.

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Why refinance?

If rates have dropped or there’s a deal on offer, you could save a bundle by changing up your loan.

The refinance dance
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How to refinance

Refinancing is similar to taking out a new loan – except that your new loan pays out your old one.
You still need to apply as normal, and your property will probably need to be valued.

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Do the maths

How much could refinancing save you? Use our handy calculator to see how your loan stacks up against a new one.

Add it up
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Making the break

Leaving your old loan will probably involve some refinancing costs – it pays to make sure you’ll come out in front.

Get across the costs

Get a loan that fits right.

Looking for a loan that suits your situation? Find out what ME can do for you, and get the lowdown on our refinance home loan rates.

Refinancing done right.

Home refinance sounding like a good option? Here are some final thoughts on making the jump.

Prep for success

If you’re getting ready to pull the trigger on a refinance, here are a few things to think about.

The refinance checklist

Free your equity

If your property has increased in value, you could use it to leverage a bigger loan, and do something with the extra cash.

Do the things you want

Get approved

Ready to refinance your loan? You could get conditional loan approval today.

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Help and

Snappy answers to your banking questions.

  • Offset accounts

    An account that lets you reduce the interest you need to pay on a loan, by using your savings to ‘offset’ the interest.

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