To help protect your funds from fraud, there’s a limit on how much money you can send from your account each day. Just in case you're wondering, the default limit is $2,000 per day.

Need to move more money?

You can use internet banking to increase your daily transfer limit, up to a max of $20,000 per person.

(So if you have a joint account, upping your limit will let each of you make transfers of up $20,000 a day – up to $40,000 in total.)

Need to go bigger?

If you need to move more than $20,000 in one hit, you can make a one off transfer using a Direct Credit Request form.

Before we can make the transfer we will need to call you and confirm the details, so remember to keep your phone on you.

Requests received before 3pm Melbourne time will be processed the same day.

Here’s how to change or check your transfer limit:

  1. Log into internet banking.
  2. Click ‘accounts’ and select ‘change transfer limit’.
  3. Click the arrow icon to the right of the account you want to change, select ‘change limit’ and enter your new daily transfer limit.
  4. If you’ve raised your limit, we’ll confirm the change by sending you an SMS confirmation code to enter.
  5. Hit ‘save’ to finalise your new limit.

Here’s a quick demo on how it’s done:

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