ABC. 123. Sunday morning. How great are things when they’re easy? That’s why when you set up a new personal or business term deposit with ME, it’s set to be automatically reinvested when it matures, creating a new term deposit of the same length.

Manage your maturity
You can change your term deposit maturity instructions whenever you like, as long as you get in touch with us at least two business days before maturity, either by sending us a message using internet banking or by calling us on 13 15 63.
Personal term deposits
For personal term deposit changes, you can send us a Term Deposit Change of Details form. The form can be scanned and emailed back to, or posted back to us at:

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Melbourne VIC 8060

Business term deposits
For business term deposit changes, send us a Business Term Deposit Change Request form, by scanning and emailing the form back to, or posting it back to us here:
ME Business Account Services

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Melbourne VIC 8060
Maturity options
There are a few different options to choose from for term deposits:
  • Reinvesting the original amount plus the interest earned into a new term deposit.
  • Reinvesting the original amount, and depositing the interest earned to your nominated account.
  • Closing the term deposit, with the original investment and the interest deposited to your nominated account.
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